Project China. Our presence in Asia

December 07, 2015

Professionals act to assure the quality of our supply chain

With our exportations, we already have an international presence – and we want to strengthen it. However, this not only means increasing external sales or developing markets in other countries. It also means to ensure the supply of pharmaceutical ingredients for the production of our medications, developing suppliers in tune with our quality standards, values and purpose.

That is what took us to China, an important producer of pharmaceutical stock material, but with a different culture from ours. Therefore, we needed to export the Libbs culture. So we sent a mission of executives, who, in addition to get to know the Chinese market up close, they were supposed to hire two professionals to act locally in the prospection of suppliers and especially in the quality assurance of the whole ingredient chain. After a period of integration in Brazil to get to know our business, units, practices, and principles that guide our activities, they are already working in the office in Shanghai, fulfilling their mission: planting partnership relations that guarantee supplies excellence standards essential to a company like ours, which is focused on helping to care for life.