IstoÉ Dinheiro talks about our growth strategy

February 09, 2017

Recognized as one of the main economy & business magazines in the country, IstoÉ Dinheiro has issued a six-page article on Brazilian companies which have got over the crisis and are now in a fast-growing pace.

We were in the spotlight with the opening of our Biotec, the first plant for biosimilar medicines in the country. The article cited the investments made and the recovery as one of the first moves towards a market integrated into the borders of science. It was mentioned that the plant shall provide monoclonal antibodies for complex treatments such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The author also cited the 15% growth in our revenues in comparison with the previous year and the construction of our new technology center in the West Zone of São Paulo, which will demand an investment amounting to R$100 mi. The article ends by pointing out our strategic advantage through a quite vertical production system for key ingredients as hormones and chemicals.