Double-Dose Recognition: Valor Carreira and Ispe

November 17, 2016

For us, pursuit of excellence is an ongoing, never-ending journey. Being awarded the “As melhores na Gestão de Pessoas” (The Best Ones in People Management), from the ‘Valor Carreira’ study, and ISPE Brasil 2016, evidences we are in the right path towards becoming an increasingly better, properly prepared for our primary purpose: treat lives!

In our first participation in As Melhores na Gestão de Pessoas’, from the publication Valor Econômico, we have reached 3rd place in our category, ranging 1,501 to 3,000 employees. The research carried by the publication has shown high level of commitment (92%) and satisfaction (85%) of our employees. These figures reflect our merit from doing the right thing, with courage; from offering professional growth; from promoting justice by meritocracy; from creating opportunities and allowing everyone to search for professional development.

The ranking of Valor Econômico awards the first 35 companies with the best practices of Human Resources in the Country, distributed into seven categories. Aon consulting firm is in charge of application and audit of the research, covering all registered companies.

As for the Indústria do Ano (Industry of the Year) award, given to ISPE Brasil 2016 – International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering – that reflects the recognition for the commitment with that Institution, through attendance in events, meetings and workshops, as well as lecturing in events held by them, contributing to developing life-science industries in Brazil. Other laureates in 2016 by ISPE include Nordika do Brasil, as ‘Empresa do Ano‘ (Company of the Year), and Flavio Lisboa, employee of the company, as ‘Associado do do ano‘ (Associate of the Year).